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Honeywell Cast Resin Busway

Technical parameters

Busway type:Honeywell PowerHub series Resin busway

Ambient temperature:Per IEC standard

Satisfied standard:GB7251.1.G B7251.2. I EC60439-1.I EC60439-6

Electrical technology specification requirements:
4.1 Rated voltage: 400-690v
4.2 Rated insulation voltage: 690/1000v
4.3 Rated current: 630-6300A
4.4 Rated frequency: 50Hz
4.5 Protection class: IP68
4.6 Enclosure color: Light gray/ light yellow
4.7 Way of installation: horizontal installation/ vertical installation


The place where has salt air such as shipyard, Wharf, port

Petrochemical industry, metallurgy industry and hydroelectric power industry.

Underground pipeline of public buildings.

Technology center, ammunition factory, dust free room.

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